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WMS Volleyball Season in Review

Our girls’ volleyball season has been a rollercoaster ride. The season had its ups and downs. Although our season has come to an end, it has been a great time. We’ve created many new bonds with each other and gained trust throughout the season. Not only was volleyball a physical activity for us, but it has also been a great experience for us to interact with each other. After every game, we always supported each other no matter if it was a loss or a win. This was an exciting season for everyone on the team! 

From my perspective, the season was very unique. Since it was my first year playing a sport for WMS, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. All of my teammates were very supportive when I would mess up and get frustrated with myself. They always found a way to calm me down and let me know that it was fine. I enjoyed playing with the girls, as they were always energetic on the court. Celebrating a win with all of them was one of the best parts of our season. I’m going to miss playing with all our 8th graders next year!

Here are some of the inputs from my team:

Coach Williams- “We had ups and downs throughout the whole season. One problem we had was that after a loss, no one encouraged each other. We would just drift ways on the court. We would never talk about our losses because of all the frustration we had. During the games, we lacked communication. Overall, the season was a refresher. All the 8th graders encouraged the 6th graders to do their best no matter what. Everyone came prepared and eager to play. If we fell on plays, we would find a way to make a major comeback in further sets. Many teammates are eager to play next year and try to make the high school team. The volleyball players showed a tremendous amount of sportsmanship.

  • We had contact.
  • We made sure we were prepared.
  • We practiced on weekends whenever we could.
  • We would comfort each other when we weren’t at our best.” 

Isabel Cruz (8th grade)-“I’m very proud of how we’ve all played this season. I’ve seen a lot of improvement from everyone, especially the beginners. Everyone was very supportive after every loss. I saw so much potential in all of my teammates and I believe all of them will improve for further seasons. It was an honor being the captain of a great team!”

Bettsy Cueva (8th grade)-“It was my first year on a sports team. It was interesting and very fun. It was also a great experience!”

Isabella De Souza (8th grade)-“I really enjoyed this season. Although I’m upset that it is my last season, I was so proud of how everyone played this season. I can’t wait for further seasons!”

Ashley Lopez (8th grade)-“It was a really fun and exciting experience. I loved spending time with all the girls. I can’t wait until next year!”

Ruth Marca (8th grade)-“We’ve gained a very strong bond and with that, we were all very supportive of each other. We were always confident going into games. I liked that we comforted each other after our losses.”

Isabelle Martinez (6th grade)-“It was a good season. We had a great captain and a cooperative coach. I’ve made many new friendships and accomplished many new things!”

Emily Ojeda (7th grade)-“It was a fun experience. Although we didn’t win most games, it was exciting to be included in a sports team for the first time. It was great meeting new people!”

Jazmin Rivera (6th grade)-“It was a really good season, everyone played their own part. We were all very supportive of one another even when we were not at our best. We learned a lot from each other’s mistakes.”

Xiomara Saavedra (8th grade)-“It was a really fun yet frustrating season. I’ve practiced my sets and they’ve gotten better. I’ve accomplished my spike!”

Sara Temoche (7th grade)-“I thought that this volleyball experience was amazing. I learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know. Each person on my team was a great help this year!”

Ashley Valderrabano (8th grade)“It was a fun experience for me. We worked together as a whole group. I have accomplished my over-hand serves this year!”

Makeyla Villalta (6th grade)-“We had many ups and downs this season. Although we didn’t win many games, we learned a lot from it. All the girls were so supportive. I really appreciated all of them for never giving up. I’m going to miss playing with all of the girls!”

Written by: Julia Soares (6th grade)


NBA Preview: Picking This Year’s Big Winners

          Who will win the whole entire NBA Finals? In my heart of hearts I think that the Houston Rockets will win the NBA Finals. I feel this way because the Rockets have the 2 best players in the league. They have James Harden and Russell Westbrook. James Harden likes to cross you up, take a step back and shoot it in your face. Russell Westbrook is a high energy player who will take you to the rack and dunk on you. He is going to score a triple-double every single game. I feel it! He did it last year and he wasn’t on a great team. He will definitely do it now with a great player like Harden beside him. Their 2 styles go together and they will work well as a team.

           Who will win MVP? I think James Harden (West) OR Ben Simmons (East). I think this way because Ben Simmons is one of the most athletic and strong young players in the league, but he was never able to shoot. This off-season he’s worked on his shooting a lot. This preseason he shot from deep against a Chinese team and made it. He never did that before. His progress is showing, I can see it.  

           James Harden, on the other hand, is going to show off anytime he gets the ball. Like I said, his signature move is the step-back and he makes it most of the time. It’s unguardable! So, if you are reading this, who would you pick?

           Who will win Rookie of the Year? I think that Zion Williamson will win it. Zion already has his own sneaker out and is making millions of dollars from endorsements. Zion can jump so high it is not even fair for defenders. His vertical is 45 inches. He set a record for this at Duke University as a freshman. I also feel that he will continue growing, and getting better and stronger as the season continues. Remember, this is before the first game of the season. Anything can happen! 

Written by: Jordan Downs


Harrison Pop Warner Falls to N.A. Vikings on “White-Out Night”


           For many years the Harrison-East Newark Pop Warner football teams have been doing some of the same stuff that Harrison High School did on and off the field. This weekend, they have followed in their footsteps to do a themed “color-out.” The High School does a bunch of themes like the pink-out, black-out, and a bunch of other themes. This Saturday the Pop Warner teams decided to do things a little different, they did a white-out.. The Juniors and Seniors thought of doing a white-out and ordered white pants to go along with their white jerseys and helmets. 

          On October 12, the Harrison Blue Tide played against the rivaled North Arlington Vikings. The Blue Tide Juniors, who came in at a record of 1-4, wanted to get this win. The game started out great with Blue Tide standouts Jayden Rivera and Rickie Richardson connecting for 2 touchdowns before the half. The offense was on fire with Michael Zamora blocking anyone trying to get to the ball carriers. Unfortunately,  in the second half the Vikings came back and took the win 21-12. The Juniors will face Carlstadt this Saturday, October 19 in Carlstadt.

          Right after the Juniors’ game, the Blue Tide Seniors played against a very good NA Seniors team. The Vikings got the ball first and within the first couple of minutes, North Arlington scored. After the 2-point field goal the Vikings took an 8-0 lead. Although the defense struggled at the start, Harrison’s offense started out fast. On the following kickoff Justin Langley ran all the way to the 40 yard line with his team blocking for him. For the first offensive play, Langley, now at quarterback, threw a strike to tight end Brandon Vega to the 32 yard line. Vega ran and got the first down. Harrison decided to do another pass play. Langley completed another pass to Adrian Arande who ran to the 5 yard line. Unfortunately, after multiple penalties the Blue Tide were unable to score. By halftime the score was 16-0, with North Arlington in the lead. 

          In the 3rd quarter, Langley hurt his ankle. Jayden Crespo came in to run the next few plays and was able to push the ball up the field. The Harrison defense played tough in the 2nd half. Unfortunately, the NA Vikings were able to run up the middle for a touchdown. The Blue Tide didn’t give up and Crespo ran down the right side for a 60 yard touchdown. At the end of the game the final score was 22-6 in favor of North Arlington. The Seniors had multiple chances to close the deficit, but penalties really hurt the Blue Tide’s chances. The Seniors will face Carlstadt on October 19 in Carlstadt.  

Written by: Dalila Zamora


Rangers Starting the Season HOT!!!


            The New York Rangers have gone undefeated in the hockey season so far they have beat the Ottawa Senators 4-1 with Mika Zibanijed scoring 3 goals and having 1 assist. Artemi Panarin added to the win with 1 goal as well as 1 assist. 

            So far the Rangers are looking at a good start this season. They have young players and they are rebuilding their team. They have traded many of their top players because they want other people to try and get better. Although this can be considered as a rebuilding year, they will make a strong attempt to win the Stanley Cup Finals. Let’s see how long the Rangers can keep up the good play.

Written by: Aiden Silva (7th Grade)


2018 NHL Playoff Picture

As many hockey fans know, the NHL playoffs are here! If you don’t know the matchups and the teams who made the playoffs that’s where I come in. Who’s in and who’s out? The teams for each division are as follows, first for the Eastern Conference. 

Tampa Bay Lightning finished as the Atlantic Division and Eastern Conference Champions, giving them the 1st seed (113 points) Boston Bruins got the 2nd seed (112 points), and the Toronto Maple Leafs landed the 3rd seed (105 points).

The Metropolitan Division includes Metropolitan Division Champion Washington Capitals with the 1st seed (105 points), Pittsburgh Penguins landing the 2nd seed (100 points), and Philadelphia Flyers getting the 3th seed (98 Points). The wild card teams are the Columbus Blue Jackets as the 1st wild card (97 points) and the New Jersey Devils getting the 2nd wild card spot (97 points)

The teams for each division for the Western Conference are as follows. The Central Division includes the Western Conference Champions and the 2017 President’s Trophy winners, the Nashville Predators with the 1st seed (117 points), followed by the Winnipeg Jets landing the 2nd seed (114 points), and the Minnesota Wild as the 3rd seed (101 points).

The Pacific Division includes the Pacific Division Champion Vegas Golden Knights as the 1st seed (109 points), Anaheim Ducks landing the 2nd seed (101 points), and the San Jose Sharks with the 3rd seed (100 points). The wild cards are the Los Angeles Kings landing the 1st wild card (98 points) and the Colorado Avalanche as the 2nd wild card  (95 points).

Personally, I am really excited to have the New Jersey Devils back in the playoffs after not making a postseason appearance since 2012 when they lost in the Stanley Cup finals. I am also very happy for the Vegas Golden Knights. It is their inaugural season (first season in the NHL) as an expansion team and they were awesome all season. They definitely earned being the first seed in the Western Conference. I look forward to seeing who will come out victorious as the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions!   

The Playoff Matchups are shown below:

Written By: Joshua Lado (7th Grade)


WMS Teacher & Staff: March Madness Predictions

It’s the best time of year for college basketball fans, it’s March Madness! Some members of the WMS faculty filled out a March Madness bracket to see if they can have that perfect bracket. That didn’t happen, but many of our faculty have chosen teams in their championship that are still holding on strong. Here is a look at the championship predictions from our WMS faculty.  

Faculty Member – Champion def. Runner-Up – Status of Teams

Mr. Landy – Kentucky def. West Virginia  – Kentucky out

Mr. Comprelli – Villanova def. Virginia Virginia out

Mr. Stahl – Arizona def. Duke Arizona out

Mr. Ruiz – Duke def. Michiganboth teams still in

Mr. Kolakowski – Xavier def. Michigan Stateboth teams ELIMINATED

Mr. Parrish – Kansas def. North CarolinaNorth Carolina out

Mr. Dolaghan – Kansas def. VirginiaVirginia out

Mr. Wroblewski – Virginia def. Purdueboth teams ELIMINATED

Mrs. Cafaro – North Carolina def. Villanova –  North Carolina out

Mrs. Morillo – Duke def. Gonzaga Gonzaga out

Mrs. Demnicki – Virginia def. Michigan State both teams ELIMINATED

*Updated March 23, 2018


It’s a Fun Time To Be a NY Sports Fan


This year’s MLB offseason has brought many thrillers. It has been crazy! The Yankees made probably the most impactful move of the offseason. The one transaction that is causing a lot of buzz is when they brought in power-hitting outfielder, Giancarlo Stanton. He came from the Miami Marlins so I don’t know if he is going to like the weather here so much. I think he’ll get used to it though, especially knowing that he will be hitting in a much smaller ballpark. Stanton was last year’s National League MVP and N.L. homerun leader. He adds a ton of power to the middle of the Yankees lineup, which is already filled with power from last year’s Homerun Derby winner, Aaron Judge and power-hitting catcher, Gary Sanchez. It is definitely going to be an exciting year to be a Yankees fan. They are without a doubt the favorite to win the American League championship as long as the pitching stays strong and the team remains healthy.    

On the other side of the city, the Mets also made some offseason moves. The biggest transaction was when they signed third baseman, Todd Frazier, who was with the Yankees last season. Frazier is a very good defensive third-baseman and can hit the long ball. The only problem is his very low batting average on a team that needs people on base for star slugger, Yoenis Cespedes. Many people in New Jersey are excited that Frazier is staying in New York since he grew up in Toms River, NJ. He’s also known to be a very good leader in the clubhouse. The Mets were in need of a third baseman because David Wright is aging and hasn’t been healthy enough to play in years.

They also brought in a solid hitter and veteran first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez. Gonzalez is nearing the end of his career and is coming off a down year with the Dodgers. Unfortunately, his power numbers have been down since 2015, but the Mets are hoping for some consistency at first which they haven’t had in years. Gonzalez will also be mentoring Mets first baseman of the future, Dominic Smith.

Lastly, the Mets were able to get Jay Bruce back from his short stint with the Indians last year. The Mets traded Bruce to Cleveland strictly to help them win the World Series. Once that didn’t happen, the Mets were able to get him back. He adds another solid lefty bat in the lineup. All three of these players are good additions to a Mets team that has plenty to prove after struggling last season.


It is a fun but nerve-racking time to be a fan of either one of the New York football teams. After both teams were absolutely atrocious last season, they seem to have made great decisions this offseason. The Giants picked up former Carolina Panthers running back, Jonathan Stewart. They also have the number two pick in the 2018 draft behind the Cleveland Browns. Many people think this is an opportunity to get a franchise quarterback who will be able to learn under Eli Manning and take over when he retires. Just like Aaron Rodgers did with Brett Favre.  I think that the Giants should pick up offensive lineman, Quinton Nelson, from Notre Dame. Nelson is the best lineman in the draft and can really help what was a horrible Giants o-line last year. This will add help to protect Eli Manning and make running room for Jonathan Stewart.

The Jets have also made a big move picking up quarterback Teddy Bridgewater from the Minnesota Vikings. Bridgewater showed plenty of promise when he was healthy two years ago as the Vikings starting quarterback. He missed part of the 2016 season, as well as all of last year with a very serious leg injury. This allowed back-ups Sam Bradford and Case Keenum to shine and lead the Vikings to the playoffs. With the Vikings signing the biggest free agent qb, Kirk Cousins, to a monster contract, both Bradford and Keenum signed with other teams. This enabled the Jets to sign a good quarterback in Bridgewater for a much smaller contract. The Jets also recently traded draft pick places with the Indianapolis Colts. The Jets moved up to the third spot in the draft, giving up their sixth selection and three other draft picks. This was a lot to give up just to move up three spots in the draft, but they must have done it for a reason. The Jets must really want one of the top four quarterbacks in the draft (Josh Rosen?) or the incredible running back from Penn State, Saquon Barkley. No matter which one of these teams you root for, it is going to be a very exciting next few months for New York sports fans.  

By: Dylan Huseinovic


Odell Beckham Jr.’s Injury Impacts Giants


Since being drafted by the New York Giants in 2014, Odell Beckham Jr. is arguably one of the best wide receivers in the National Football League. Week 5 of this season was a heartbreaker for all Giants fans and Odell Beckham fans. That week, 4 wide receivers went down including the 3 main receivers, Brandon Marshall (ankle), Sterling Shepard (ankle), and Odell Beckham(ankle).  With the 3 big receivers out for the rest of the season it’s going to be really tough on Eli Manning to find receivers that are not able to make plays like Beckham and Marshall.  So it was up to Ben McAdoo to find a way to call plays around the fact that more people are not going to be able to make the same plays as his top playmakers.  I think that these injuries led to the fact that Ben McAdoo and General Manager, Jerry Reese, have been fired. Eli Manning getting benched for a game due to the horrific season he and the organization are having, didn’t help matters.  I think that if Odell was not hurt they would have won more than one game this season so far. It is kind of a shame that you go from a 10-6 season to 2-11.  The games that they have lost have not even been close, besides the one game versus the Eagles. They should have won that game. Poor coaching leads to a poor season. You have one of the worst offensive lines in the league and you try to run it on the goal line instead of throwing a fade to Odell or Marshall.  I just think the Giants need to learn from this and bounce back next season. With Odell back, new coaches, and a few off-season additions, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have over a .500 winning percentage in 2018.

Written by: Dylan Huseinovic


World Cup 2018

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In 2018 this year the world cup will be taken place in Russia. Last World Cup finalist were Germany and Argentina. The game was ended 1-0 with an amazing goal scored by Mario Gotze in the last 5 minutes of second half of extra time, which allowed Germany take home the trophy. This year the 32 teams that qualified are very interesting and rare.

TELEMMGLPICT000143294295_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqytxLMmtfp3sC_cEhhtHl3-Sq2vOoHVhVh4Ty00DIiZk.jpeg (480×300)

The USMNT was left in despair after their shocking failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

This year the U.S was knocked out by Trinidad & Tobago with a 2-1 loss. This is the first time in 32 years that they failed to qualify. Also after 36 years Peru finally qualified to a World Cup. Another rare thing this World Cup is that Chile will not be in the tournament, and World Cup regular Italy also failed to qualify. The question is this World Cup who will be the country taking the trophy home?


The groups were just picked last week (pictured above). Which group do you think is the easiest? Which group will be the “Group of Death”?



DanceTeam.png (1200×717)

Dance Show Preview – Bad Boy Productions & DJ Khaled

The dance team has been really amazing on their performances the past 3 years and it gets crowded in the Washington Middle School Auditorium. People of all ages come out to see the dance performance because it is an awesome show. This year it is going to be held December 6, 2017 in the Washington Middle School Auditorium at 7:00 pm. This year’s performance will cover music from Bad Boy Productions, including DJ Khaled. Some of the songs that the dance team will be dancing to are We Taking Over, Wild Though, All I Do Is Win, Shining, and much more. Under the direction and choreography of Mr. Parrish, the dance group members have been trying their best for everyone that will be coming to see the show. This will be a great performance that everyone should come watch it. There will also be refreshments (drinks and snacks) sold at the entrance. I promise you will enjoy it!


By: Edgar Hernandez Jimenez

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